Friday, May 19, 2017

Trust in the Care of Nivea plus Giveaway

One thing that really makes me happy is seeing communities taking care of their kids, by keeping them protected and taken care of.

If you have been following my blog for a while now you would know that I'm passionate about helping keep our kids safe from harm especially after school because there is that gap between 2pm and 6pm where kids are vulnerable to all kinds of harm. In my community (Senaoane - Soweto) we have Thembelani Enkosini Care Givers it's an after-school program and I work closely with them.

Another after-school program that I just learned about this year is one by Thanda in KwaZulu Natal. Thanda runs an after school, Early Childhood Development (ECD) and an organic farming programme. The NIVEA Thanda Centre is the hub of activities where meals are prepared for over 600 children daily, after-school facilitators prepare their lessons.  The Center also hosts the ECD programme for  smaller children below school-going age.

With the help of NIVEA, Thanda has been able to extend their program by opening its doors 365 days a year, providing meals and great facilities for kids to play and do their homework. 

For more information on the NIVEA Thanda Centre you can follow this LINK:  

NIVEA has been kind enough to giveaway 2 NIVEA Care packs to my dear subbies, all you need to do is leave a comment below telling me what's your take on after school programs or if you are familiar with any programmes in your area.

Giveaway open to SA residents only
Winner will be announced on the 26th of April 2017.

*Information on Thanda and giveaway proudly brought you by NIVEA

Thursday, May 18, 2017

All About The Surf School of Shine

On my social media pages for the past two days I have been posting about #SurfShine and I think that doing a post about it will bring light to this great campaign.

All I can say is this article is for you, if you are looking for a job, want to take your career to the next level, looking to make better financial goals, or you just know someone who needs all of the above.

The Surf School of Shine is all about giving a platform to build your career confidence. The Surf School of Shine is all about providing women with career building skills. Topics such as Being Interview Ready, Planning for Your Career, how to take your career to the next level and once you get that job, tips on how to budget correctly.

I like to share topics that are close to home because just recently got a permanent job as I was temping from one job to the next last year, it was very hard as I had to go to interviews and be shortlisted, and never get called back (the struggle is real and those JOB sites that are not really job sites were you just waste your time trying to apply only to be redirected to a page that is full of ads). What I know for sure is if I had the opportunity to have my CV posted up on a billboard I would have taken it.

Someone said searching for a job is a job itself and they went lying.
I went to the site read through it, took a few tests and created my cv. The part I like the most from the site is the "CV Builder" as you can fill in your details and once done the CV generates into a PDF format that you can attach to trusted job searching sites.
This week two billboards one in Soweto and the other in Tembisa are up, and this is taking job searching to a different level.
I remember two years back hearing on radio or through social media about this guy who had a degree was handing out his cv during heavy traffic one morning, someone got ahold of it and they go their job. I like it when companies are pro-active in helping people get jobs and Surf is doing a great job with this initiative.

So once again, if you have someone in your life or know of someone who would like amp up their job search or take their career to a new level share with them the tips learned from the Surf SCHOOL OF SHINE

I wanted to share this blogpost in hopes that it atleast inspires one person, 

See you soon



Wednesday, May 17, 2017

FOTD | Mark by Avon Hi-Def Plump Lipstick

I take most of my selfies from my sisters room cause the lighting is just great, and I swear 
she will chase me out one of these days LOL, I love you sis.

I created this look sometime back and it never made it on YouTube because
 I use a really crappy old laptop 
with a really crappy software and something happens during conversion
 that just make the whole thing to crash. 
Please put me in your prayers that I can afford and buy a new laptop soon so that I can produce great posts> 

Products Used: 
Maybelline BabySoft Primer
Avon Matte Eyeshadow Alnatural 
Mark by Avon Eyeshadow Ink - Totally Taupe
LA Girl - Orange Concealer
Avon Bright Star Foundation - Shade Sadle
LA Girl - Fawn Concealer
LA Girl - Dark Cocoa
Yardley Absolute Setting Powder
Avon Bronzing Pearls
Avon Prime and setting spray
Mark by Avon Hi-Def Plump Lipstick

I hope that I will be able to recreate the look on posts to come. 

See you soon

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