Tuesday, May 26, 2020

YouTube | Rimmel Lasting Matte Foundation Review on Dry Skin!

Soweto, South Africa
Hey GuyZies, I need to come up with a proper schedule for my YouTube Channel
but for now I will say you can expect a minimum 
of 2 videos a week, most of them will be make-up related a few lifestyle. 

In this video I get to review the Rimmel Lasting Matte Foundation. 
Rimmel claims that this foundation is full coverage, I will have to see about that.


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See you soon.



Monday, May 25, 2020

Reviewing Last Week While Eating Pancakes

Soweto, South Africa

HeyGuzies, a little post looking back on the previous week.
I managed to post 2 YouTube videos and create 2 blogposts 
I am truly happy with my accomplishment, it could have been better 
however my internet decided to give up on me Friday Morning and I 
spent the weekend in silence no internet and all. 

The current game honestly is just to become consistent over here and 
on the YouTube channel, especially with sharing stuff that is
affordable and all since a lot of people myself included need 
to tighten up their belts and having to pay Cell C for the 4th time 
 for their faulty sim I can't deal. 
Whats worst is I needed to go to the mall to gain access to have this done, 
RICA and all.

Pancakes are a great meal for me when craving something sweet 
because they are easy to make and they use only one egg. 
Adding chocolate chips is an easy way to take them 
up a notch. 
The coffee, ooh well ever heard of the saying it keeps the
headaches away. 
Well it does. 

The recipe for the pancakes I made can be found on the following LINK.

Stay safe and warm guys. 

See you soon.



Thursday, May 21, 2020


Soweto, South Africa
Hey GuyZies, with the lockdown in effect doing skincare and taking care of 
myself has been at the top of my list.
I received a package from Avon containing their newly 
launched Vitamin C Radiance Maximising Serum because I was still using 
another serum I didn't want to start using this one because the ingredients
would clash as serums carry a higher concentration to that of e.g. a day cream. 

As a blog tradition, I like doing NEW IN posts like these because I get to share 
what products are currently on trial and their claims 
so that I can gauge what the product is all about. 

The Claim

ANEW Essential Vitamin C serum delivers pure and potent stabilised Vitamin C 
that stays active from the first to the last drop.

Potent 10% stabilised pure Vitamin C formula
Absorbs immediately
Non-greasy and non-sticky
Lightweight texture
Suitable for all types and skin tones
Clinically tested
Allergy tested
Dermatologist tested 

retail R319 currently sells for R299 on the AVON site

My thoughts

I began using the serum last Thursday and from the first go I could tell that I will continue
using it. So far I like the packaging seems a more high end-ish, I like how it feels while using it, 
I can tell that I'm going to continue using this serum and the 
smell is not too bad either it smells orange-y
So far, so good. 

If you are looking to start using serums, I would say let us trial 
this one together. 
You can read all about the serum over here

Thanks for coming through today. 

See you soon. 





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